Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seattle to Atlanta, Day 1

This is the car we’re driving to Atlanta. I hope it makes it!

The car

From left-to-right: Daniel and Mace!

Daniel and Mace

We were hoping to get started by 6am, but didn’t end up leaving until 10am. Our intention was to drive straight through to Great Falls, Montana, a distance of 655 miles, where we would be staying at the house of  Terry and Susan.

As we set off, we got a phone call from Calle. Despite our late departure, we agreed to meet him in Issaquah:


We expected snow in the mountain passes, and that’s exactly what we got! These pictures are from Snoqualmie pass:

Snoqualmie pass 1 Snoqualmie pass 2 Snoqualmie pass 3

Once we got through the pass, the weather was bright and sunny. These pictures are from the Wild Horses monument just off the I-90 highway, one the ease side of the Columbia river.

SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 044    SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 046

And here are the wild horses:

SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 048    SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 050
SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 053  SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 055  SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 057

More pictures of the Columbia river:

SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 058  SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 059

Evidence that we passed through Idaho:

SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 063

And now we’re somewhere in Montana:

SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 065

The roads in the Rocky Mountains were icy, and me being a cautious driver, took it very slowly, finally arriving at our destination in Great Falls at 11:30pm.

Here are some pictures from Great Falls taken the following day:

SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 069SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 070SeattleToAtlanta 19 Nov 2010 071

Monday, November 15, 2010

My first ever blog!!

I've always wanted to have my own blog ... and this is it ... finally!!!
Hmmm ... Now what?

OK. So let me tell you what prompted me to finally get around to starting a blog. I'm going on a road trip from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA, where I will spend the next month, and I wanted somewhere to make a record of the trip. I'm travelling with a friend, Daniel, and we're driving our friend Jill's car, and her dog, Mace, to the place she's moving to.

I don't know how much I will have to say over the course of this trip. At the very least I hope there will be some pictures and some factual information. Beyond that, we'll just have to see how things unfold...